Skincare Tips for Travel 




We all love to getaway! A good vacation can refresh and revitalize, but what about your skin?  

Every time you get on a plane, you’re subjected to dry, recirculated air. This pulls the moisture from you skin, leaving your complexion dull and dehydrated. There are ways you can prepare for travel days, however, combating the aging effects so you return with that coveted “post-vacation glow.”


1. Prepare Your Skin Pre-Takeoff 

You want to actively hydrate your skin before boarding the airplane. Pre-takeoff prep can begin the night before with exfoliation and a hydrating mask. The morning of your flight, wash your skin with your daily cleanser and apply your moisturizer. If the flight is longer than three hours, avoid makeup if possible and refresh mid-flight with a spritz of Green Tea + Roses Deep Hydration Mist.  

2. Maintain a Consistent Skincare Routine 

Many make the mistake of purchasing travel-sized skincare and deviating from their usual morning routine. Switching up your skincare routine during travel can lead to breakouts and blemishes. Instead of prepackaged cleanser from the drugstore, opt for empty, travel-sized bottles and fill them with the products you use at home. Taking a few minutes each morning to cleanse and moisturize can work wonders for your vacation skin. 


3. Stay hydrated  

Remember to stay hydrated throughout the course of your travels. Drinking enough water is the best way to fight a dull complexion, so get your eight glasses in and give your skin the moisture it needs. Our Green Tea + Roses Deep Hydration Mist can also assist in hydrating your skin and it keeps you feeling fresh all day long!  

 Following these three tips will keep your skin looking its best when you travel. The Swell Botanicals line was designed for ease of application, so pack your products and protect your skin, even when you’re on holiday! 

TravelLydia Kerr