Cultivating a Skincare Routine 




When it comes to skincare, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the products available. How do you navigate the beauty isle and determine what’s best for you? Following these simple do’s and don’ts will help you find your staple products and put you on the road to your best skin ever.  

Do: Determine your skin type.  

Before you begin looking at products, take a look in the mirror and get to know the skin you’re in. Whether your face is normal, dry, oily, or a combination will help you narrow down the products you’re choosing from. To determine your skin type, wash your face and wait a few hours to observe your skin in its natural state, without product. 

Don’t: Purchase products without research. 

Not all skincare is equal. Some products contain harmful chemicals that strip your face of its natural oils. Look for plant-based or all-natural products to protect your skin. It’s also important to check if the skincare line tests its products on animals – Animal testing is more common than you’d believe, so be sure to look at the label!  

 Do: Commit to a daily skincare routine.  

Once you’ve determined your skin type and researched the best products, commit to your routine. Repetition is the key to successful skincare, so make time each morning and night to cleanse and moisturize. A regimen doesn’t have to be complicated, so start with a cleanser and moisturizer you love and add in products as you feel comfortable.  

Don’t: Neglect healthy practices.  

While the right skincare products are important, there are many other factors that play into overall skin health. Remember to drink enough water, get enough sleep, and give your body the nutrients it needs. There is no miracle product that can replace holistic health.   

The Swell Botanicals line makes it easy to select the right products for your skin. Our products are organic, botanical, and never tested on animals. Checkout our quick guide below to determine which product you should try first if you’re new to Swell!  


For Acne-Prone Skin: The Matcha Clay Mask  

Our Matcha Clay Mask is a clarifying mousse mask that revitalizes and restores for smooth, glowing skin.  

For Dry or Dehydrated Skin: The Green Tea + Roses Hydration Mist 

Rich in antioxidants, our hydration mist restores vital hydration while clarifying the complexion.  

For All Skin Type: The Green Tea + Roses Cleanser  

Our Perfectly Gentle Cleanser has a pH 5.5, so it will leave your skin soft and clean without irritating it.  

For Combination Skin: The Cocoa Cleanser  

Our Antioxidant Cleansing Balm transforms into a silky, oily cleanser when applied and leaves your skin soft, nourished and balanced.  

Have questions about which products are right for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out – We’d love to help you select a skincare routine!

SkincareLydia Kerr